The AM2CM tool does not migrate Ambari Infra Solr configuration and data to Cloudera Manager. However, it adds a new Solr service. To take a backup, perform the following steps after the transition.

  1. Create a local directory for backups first:
    mkdir -p [backup_dir]
  2. Execute the following commands on the hosts where Solr is installed.
    mv /etc/alternatives/solr-conf [backup_dir]/solr-confhdp
    mv /etc/alternatives/hue-conf [backup_dir]/hue-confhdp
    mv /etc/alternatives/hbase-solr-conf [backup_dir]/hbase-solr-confhdp 
    For RHEL:
    mv /var/lib/alternatives/solr-conf [backup_dir]/solr-confhdp
    For Ubuntu:
    mv /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives [backup_dir]/solr-confhdp
    For Sles:
    mv /var/lib/rpm/alternatives [backup_dir]/solr-confhdp