Case study for setting up an HDP-GPL local repository

If the cluster is using the GPL components, you must replace the HDP-GPL repository URL with a local repository.

  1. Set up a local HDP-GPL repository
    wget -nv -O /etc/yum.repos.d/hdp.gpl.repomkdir -p /var/www/html/hdp-gpl/centos7cd /var/www/html/hdp-gpl/centos7/reposync -r HDP-GPL-7.1.x.xcreaterepo /var/www/html/hdp-gpl/centos7/HDP-GPL-7.1.x.x/
  2. Edit /etc/ambari-server/conf/
  3. Replace gpl.license.accepted=false with gpl.license.accepted=true.
  4. Restart Ambari server.
  5. You must edit the HDP-GPL repository similar to the HDP repository. However, the URL and Local repository contents, and the UI fields are different for both the repositories. For more information on updating the version repository, see Update version repository base urls. If you do not plan use the GPL components, disable the gpl.license.accepted property.
  6. Restart Ambari server