Migrating tables to CDP

You set a Hive property to point to your YAML list of tables you want to migrate, and then migrate the tables by manually running the Hive Strict Managed Migration process on the tables. You perform this action to use the tables in CDP.

In this task you set the table migration control file URL property to the path of a YAML file that lists tables and databases you want to migrate. You run the HSMM process to migrate the tables and databases using Cloudera Manager.
  • You completed the upgrade to CDP.
  • You created a YAML file listing databases and tables to migrate.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, go to Clusters > Hive-on-Tez.
  2. Stop the Hive-on-Tez service.
  3. In Configuration, search for table migration control file URL.
  4. Set the value of the Table migration control file URL property to the absolute path and file name of your YAML include list.
  5. Save configuration changes.
  6. Click Clusters > Hive-on-Tez, and in Actions, click Migrate Hive tables for CDP upgrade.
    HSMM migrates the Hive tables listed in the YAML.
  7. To prevent problems with any subsequent HSMM run, remove the value you set for Table migration control file URL, leaving the value blank.
  8. Save configuration changes.
  9. Start the Hive-on-Tez service.
    The YAML-specified tables and databases are migrated.