Automated rollback

This section helps you to rollback automatically using the below procedure. Cloudera recommends you to use this procedure on the test clusters before performing the procedure on the production clusters.

  1. Go to the am2cm-ansible folder:
    1. If you have used Docker to upgrade, create a bash session inside the container and go to the am2cm-ansible folder: docker container exec -it <container_id> /bin/bashcd am2cm-ansible/
    2. If you have used local installation to upgrade, activate the python virtual environment and go to the am2cm-ansible folder: source <path/to/am2cm-2.x.y.0-bb>/venv/bin/activate cd <path/to/am2cm-2.x.y.0-bb>/am2cm-ansible/
  2. Execute the rollback playbooks: Running the rollback playbooks require you to specify an inventory and extra-vars file. You can review the previous upgrade steps to identify the files specific to your environment.
    1. Rollback Cloudera Manager to Ambari and restore /etc configuration directories ansible-playbook -i <path/to/the/inventory.ini> playbooks/rollback/site.yml --extra-vars "@<path/to/the/vars.json>" --tags ambari-rollback,etc-config-rollback
    2. Rollback Kerberos ansible-playbook -i <path/to/the/inventory.ini> playbooks/rollback/site.yml --extra-vars "@<path/to/the/vars.json>" --tags kerberos-rollback
    3. Rollback HDP Services:

      Run the following command for all HDP services installed in the cluster in ansible-playbook -i <path/to/the/inventory.ini> playbooks/rollback/site.yml --extra-vars "@<path/to/the/vars.json>" --tags <service-rollback-tag>

      The <service-rollback-tag> defaults to <service>-rollback, where <service> is replaced by the name of the HDP service to be rolled back.

      For Ambari Infra Solr, the <service-rollback-tag> tag must be infra-solr-rollback.

      You can skip some of the services that your cluster may not require. However, some services are dependent on each other. Cloudera recommends you to rollback in the order listed below.
      • zookeeper-rollback
      • infra-solr-rollback
      • ranger-rollback
      • ranger-kms-rollback
      • hdfs-rollback
      • yarn-rollback
      • Kafka-rollback
      • hbase-rollback
      • atlas-rollback
      • hive-rollback
      • oozie-rollback