Step 6: Access Parcels

Steps to access the Parcels required to install Cloudera Runtime.

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Parcels contain the software used in your CDP Private Cloud Base clusters. If Cloudera Manager has access to the public Internet, Cloudera Manager automatically provides access to the latest version of the Cloudera Runtime 7 Parcels directly from the Cloudera download site.

If Cloudera Manager does not have access to the internet, you must download the Parcels and set up a local Parcel repository. See Configuring a Local Parcel Repository. Enter the URL of your repository using the steps below.

If you want to upgrade to a different version of Cloudera Runtime 7, select the cluster version at the top of this page, and perform the following steps to add the Parcel URL:
To add a new Parcel URL:
  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Click Parcels from the left menu.
  3. Click Parcel Repositories & Network Settings.
  4. In the Remote Parcel Repository URLs section, click the "+" icon and add the URL for your Parcel repository.
  5. Click Save & Verify Configuration. A message with the status of the verification appears above the Remote Parcel Repository URLs section. If the URL is not valid, check the URL and enter the correct URL.
  6. After the URL is verified, click Close.
  7. Locate the row in the table that contains the new Cloudera Runtime parcel and click the Download button. If the parcel does not appear on the Parcels page, ensure that the Parcel URL you entered is correct.
  8. After the parcel is downloaded, click the Distribute button.

    Wait for the parcel to be distributed. Cloudera Manager displays the status of the Cloudera Runtime parcel distribution.

  9. Click the Cloudera Manager logo to return to the home page.