Back up Ambari Infra Solr data

After the configuration file is generated, you must review the ini file created by the process.

There is a configuration section for each collection that was detected. If you do not want to backup a specific collection you can set enabled = false and the collection will not be backed up. Ensure that enabled = true is set for all of the collections you do wish to back up. By default, only the Atlas and Ranger collections will be backed up and Log Search will not be backed up..
To execute the backup, run the following command from the same host on which you generated the configuration file:
# /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr-client/ \
--mode backup | tee backup_output.txt
During this process, the script generates Ambari tasks that are visible in the Background Operations dialog in the Ambari Server. Once the process has completed, retain the output of the script for your records. This output is helpful when debugging any issues that may occur during the migration process, and the output contains information regarding the number of documents and size of each backed up collection.