Prerequisites for CDSW to CML migration

Before migrating from Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) to Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) in CDP Private Cloud, you must meet a number of prerequisites to succeed. A prerequisite for migration is the installation of CML on your CDSW base cluster.

The following table presents the supported migration version combinations for CDSW and CML:

Table 1. Supported migration versions for CDSW and CML
CML PVC version Supported CDSW versions

CDSW 1.10.0

CDSW 1.10.1

CDSW 1.10.2


CDSW 1.10.5


CDSW 1.10.5

With CDSW 1.10.3 or 1.10.4, an upgrade to CDSW 1.10.5 is recommended and a migration to CML PVC to a version higher than 1.5.2.

Migration from CDSW, configured with LDAP, SAML, or LOCAL authentication to CML, is supported, but the automatic migration described in this document is supported only if CDSW is running with LDAP. The migration process does not automatically migrate your authentication configurations. The steps below for meeting prerequisites include LDAP set up in CDSW before migration begins.

The migration does not migrate your CDSW endpoint connections either. Later, you follow post-migration instructions to set up LDAP, endpoint connections, and DNS on CML. Also, you need to download CDSW-related Grafana dashboards, so you can upload them after migration to CML.

  1. You must have a CDSW 1.10.0 or later cluster in CDP; otherwise, make one of the following choices.
  2. If you do not have LDAP set up in your CDSW cluster on CDP, set up LDAP before pre-migration tasks.
    The migration process cannot succeed without authentication.
  3. Conform to CML Software Requirements, including storage, for installing CML on CDP Private Cloud 1.5.1 or later.
  4. Backup CDSW data.
  5. In CDSW, export your Grafana dashboards.
  6. Note the connections of endpoints in your CDSW cluster, note your custom settings.
    You need to use this information after migration to set up endpoints in your private cloud cluster.
  7. If you customized your DNS configuration, note your custom settings for use in customizing your DNS configuration after migration.
    If you did not customize your DNS configuration, the migration tool configures DNS in your private cloud cluster.
  8. Gather information about your LDAP configurations on CDSW.
    After migration, you must set up LDAP again on the CML cluster. The LDAP configuration is not migrated.
  9. In CDSW, manually back up the custom DNS configuration for Kube-DNS, and then migrate your custom configuration to CML.
    CML uses the core-DNS, which is incompatible with the CDSW Kube-DNS.
  10. In Cloudera Manager, select install or upgrade to CDP Private Cloud 1.5.1 or later using the Embedded Container Service (ECS) on your CDSW cluster.
    Migration of your CDSW workloads to CML on OpenShift is not supported.
  11. During installation of CDP Private Cloud Data Services using ECS set up a network connection between CDSW and the CDP Private Cloud cluster if you select Airgap.
  12. Enable those CML features during installation that you were using in CDSW.
    For example, enable model metrics and monitoring.
    If you do not enable the same, or similar, CML features during installation that you were using in CDSW, attempting to use the CML feature later will fail.