Revert to CDH-like Tables

In CDH 5 and CDH 6, CREATE TABLE created managed non-ACID tables in text format. In CDP, CREATE TABLE creates an INSERT-ONLY table in parquet format. After upgrading, to avoid code changes due to new features in CDP, you might want want to disable the new transactional (ACID) table type and parquet file format defaults. The old table type and file format (managed, non-transactional and text) take effect when you disable the new defaults.

To disable the new defaults:
  1. In Cloudera Manager > Clusters select the Impala service. Click Configuration and search for Impala Daemon Query Options.
  2. In Impala Daemon Query Options Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for default_query_options edit the default_file_format=text and default_transactional_type=none properties.