Verifying the migration prerequisites

You must create the destination Ozone cluster and ensure that the cluster satisfies the prerequisites for migrating data from the HDFS sources.

Before migrating the data, you must ensure that you have managed the prerequisites.
  • Deployed either a new Ozone cluster that is ready for the migration, or have added Ozone to an existing cluster, and restarted all the services on that cluster.
  • Defined the configuration property, which denotes a quorum of Ozone Managers similar to a Namespace ID in HDFS.
  • Configured the Ranger service on the cluster.
  • Added HDFS and Ranger as dependencies to Ozone before restarting all the services.
  • Verified that Ozone is operational through the following basic shell commands:
    > kinit as ‘om’ user or a new user with admin privileges for Ozone.
    (Use ozone.keytab from Ozone Manager’s run directory)
    ===> Create Ozone Volume
    > ozone sh volume create /test-vol 
    ===> Create Ozone Bucket
    > ozone sh bucket create /test-vol/test-bucket                                         
    ===> Write test key
    > ozone sh key put /test-vol/test-bucket/test-key <path_to_key>  
    ===> Test get key info
    > ozone sh key info /test-vol/test-bucket/test-key                                    
    ===> Verify ofs:// working
    > hdfs dfs -cat ofs://<>/test-vol/test-bucket/test-key 
    ===> Delete the created artifacts
    > hdfs dfs -rm -r  ofs://<>/test-vol