CDP Upgrade Readiness

In preparation for the upgrade, review the cluster environment requirements. You must also be familiar with the new features, behavior changes, and impact of the upgrade on existing configurations before the upgrade.

Your Cloudera Account team can help you assess the impact of the following with respect to your upgrade. Cloudera will work with you to ensure your cluster is ready and meets all the criteria.

  • Cluster environment readiness - latest supported versions
    • Ensure supported Operating System, HDP stack, database, and java JDK versions are up-to-date and supported.
    • See the upgrade documentation to ensure that your environments are ready for the upgrade.
  • On removed components, sevices, and functionalities, see Hive unsupported interfaces and features, HDP Core component version changes, and Changes to Ambari and HDP services.
  • Changes in behaviour:
    • You need to do a number of migration-related tasks due to semantic changes, and a couple of syntax changes in Hive 3, for example db.table references and DROP CASCADE, might require changes to your applications.
    • Spark and Hive tables interoperate using the Hive Warehouse Connector and Spark Direct Reader to access ACID managed tables. You can access external tables from Spark directly using SparkSQL.
  • Downtime:
    • In-place upgrades will require downtime and automation of the tasks will limit the extent of the downtime
    • Migrating to new cluster options may limit downtime.
  • Ports - Reset the old ports to standard Cloudera Manager ports. It simplifies the Cloudera Manager managed CDP Private Cloud Base environment for better future support and standards.
  • Bespoke configuration - Consider the impact of upgrading on any bespoke applications and customizations either to or integrating with the HDP platform. For example, devops integration tooling, monitoring, and so on.
  • Network multihoming is not supported. If the HDP cluster is configured for multihomed networks, then you must reconfigure to disable that. For more information, see Networking and Security Requirements
  • Third-party application readiness - Ensure that the third-party software products you are integrating with are certified to work with the HDP intermediate bits and CDP Private Cloud Base.
  • Ambari mpacks are not all compatible with HDP-7.1.x and/or CDP-7.1.x (CSDs are the Cloudera Manager equivalent of mpacks)
  • Not all Management Packs are compatible with the HDP intermediate bits. Cloudera Support can help you assess the feasibility of your upgrade if you have Management Packs other than HDF installed.
  • The HDP interim bits are not intended for production use.