Back Up Cloudera Navigator Data

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  1. Make sure a purge task has run recently to clear stale and deleted entities.
    • You can see when the last purge tasks were run in the Cloudera Navigator console (From the Cloudera Manager Admin console, go to Clusters > Cloudera Navigator. Select Administration > Purge Settings.)
    • If a purge hasn't run recently, run it by editing the Purge schedule on the same page.
    • Set the purge process options to clear out as much of the backlog of data as you can tolerate for your upgraded system. See Managing Metadata Storage with Purge.
  2. Stop the Navigator Metadata Server.
    1. Go to Clusters > Cloudera Management Service > Instances.
    2. Select Navigator Metadata Server.
    3. Click Actions for Selected > Stop.
  3. Back up the Cloudera Navigator Solr storage directory.
    sudo cp -rp /var/lib/cloudera-scm-navigator /var/lib/cloudera-scm-navigator-`date +%F`-CM
  4. If you are using an Oracle database for audit, in SQL*Plus, ensure that the following additional privileges are set:
      GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.dbms_crypto TO nav;
    where nav is the user of the Navigator Audit Server database.