Optional HDP policy-level properties

You must include optional policy-level configuration properties in REPL DUMP command on the HDP cluster. You put the property after the WITH clause of the command.

Table 1.
Property Description Default Value

Enter the options based on whether you want to preserve owner or user permissions, group permissions, and HDFS ACLs in source and target clusters during replication.

Note: You must have superuser privileges to preserve the user and group permissions, and HDFS ACLs.

hive.repl.retry.initial.delay First retry delay in seconds. 60 seconds
hive.repl.retry.backoff.coefficient Exponential Delay between retries. The value of (Previous Delay) * (Backoff Coefficient) determines the next retry interval. 1.2 seconds
hive.repl.retry.jitter A Random jitter to be applied to avoid all retries happening at the same time. 30 seconds