Replicating Hive data

You need to meet a few prerequisites to perform this type of replication, apply patches, and configure the HDP and CDP clusters for replication. From example replication commands, you see how to replicate your data. Finally, you follow a step-by-step verification procedure.

  • Ensure that the HDP cluster can write to the CDP cluster.
  • Set up a one-way trust between the clusters if they belong to different Kerberos Key Distribution Centers (KDCs).
  • To run the commands, log into beeline using kinit.
  1. Apply patches required on HDP.
  2. Apply patches required on CDP.
  3. Configure the clusters following step-by-step instructions.
  4. Replicate Hive data as shown in example commands for replicating HDP 3 workloads.
  5. Verify the Hive data replication.