In-place upgrade overview

The process of upgrading to CDP Private Cloud Base involves understanding the supported in-place upgrade paths and verifying the software and hardware considerations and requirements prior to performing the upgrade steps.

To plan your upgrade from Ambari managed HDP 3.1.5 to CDP Private Cloud Base, you must be aware of the in-place upgrade path along with the pre-upgrade, upgrade, and post-upgrade tasks.

One stage versus two stage upgrade:

  • One stage Two stage
    No upgrade to HDP 7 or intermediate bits Upgrade from HDP 3.1.5 cluster to HDP 7.1.x (HDP Intermediate Bits)
    No upgrade to Ambari 7. Direct upgrade from Ambari to Cloudera Manager Upgrading Management of the cluster from Ambari to Cloudera Manager
    Executing meta-data (schema) upgrades done as part of post transition steps that allows for an extended cluster uptime Executing meta-data (schema) upgrades done by Ambari