Migration to Cloudera Data Warehouse

If your Hive jobs are unpredictable, consider migrating to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) and running your Hive workloads on LLAP mode. LLAP offers ETL performance and scalability for complex data warehousing jobs.

Such a move can meet or exceed your customer satisfaction requirements, or cut the expense of running your jobs, or both. You set up automatic scaling up of compute resources when needed, or shutting down when not needed.

LLAP along with the query isolation feature is best suited for data-intensive queries, such as ETL queries, and require auto-scaling based on the total scan size of the query.

If your Hive jobs are unpredictable and if you are running complex interactive queries, migrate to CDW. You perform the following configuration when taking this path:

  • Configure CDW according to your plan for scaling and concurrency
  • Tune the Hive Virtual Warehouse to handle peak workloads

When you create a CDW Virtual Warehouse, you configure the size and concurrency of queries to set up LLAP. The configuration is simple compared to HDP configurations of LLAP. In Hive Virtual Warehouses, each size setting indicates the number of concurrent queries that can be run. For example, an X-Small Hive on LLAP Virtual Warehouse can run 2 TB of data in its cache.