Process of migrating the HDFS data to Ozone

After verifying the prerequisites for HDFS to Ozone data migration process, you can use the distcp command to transfer the data from HDFS to Ozone.

You need to verify that the cluster satisfies certain prerequisites for migrating data from the HDFS sources and then prepare the Ozone cluster for ingesting data from the HDFS cluster. You can create additional Ranger policies after preparing the Ozone cluster. Then you can migrate the HDFS data by using the distcp command. After the HDFS to Ozone migration process completes, validate the migrated data. You can also configure other services including Hive and Spark to work with Ozone.

Read the topics in this section for information about preparation for the HDFS to Ozone migration process and topics that describe how to complete the HDFS to Ozone migration process.