Preparing Ozone for data ingestion

You must prepare the Ozone cluster for ingesting the data from the HDFS cluster.

Consider the example of moving an encrypted HDFS directory to Ozone. The following procedure outlines the steps you must perform to create the equivalent bucket and target directory in Ozone.
  1. Decide on the HDFS to Ozone mapping scheme.
    Consider the example of mapping the HDFS /user directory to an Ozone volume.
  2. Create the volume /user as an admin user.
    > kinit as admin user and create the volume
    > ozone sh volume create o3://<>/user
  3. Create an encrypted bucket to migrate a user's directory from the HDFS cluster.
    The following example shows how you can create an encrypted bucket for a user john.doe.
    > kinit as admin user and create the bucket for john.doe
    > hadoop key create xxx_key
    > ozone sh bucket create -k xxx_key /user/john.doe
    (Optionally create a target dir inside the bucket if needed)
    > hdfs dfs -mkdir ofs://<>/user/john.doe/target_dir
  4. Provide permissions to the user to access the encrypted bucket.
    Use Ranger to provide the required permissions.
    The following image shows the Ranger policy configured for the user john.doe on the /user/john.doe bucket.