Limitations of CDSW to CML migration

You need to avoid unsupported operations that might cause migration to fail.

The following operations are not supported for migration of Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) 1.10.0 or later to Cloudera Machine Language (CML):
  • Migration to Cloudera releases, such as Cloudera Public Cloud, other than CDP Private Cloud 1.5.0 in Embedded Container Service (ECS).
  • Migration to CDP Private Cloud OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) is not supported.
  • Custom configurations, such as host or Kubernetes configurations, are not migrated. You must note these configurations and manually configure your private cloud cluster after migration.
  • CDSW and CDP Private Cloud clusters must run side-by-side during migration.
  • CDSW Projects that use engines with Spark might not work as expected after migration.
  • Migrating the sessions created with a custom engine in CDSW will not work in the migrated CML as the engine architecture differs between CML and CDSW. You must move from the custom engine to a custom ML runtime before the migration.
  • CDSW projects that access HBase might not work after migration.