The CMA tool directly transitions the Livy service from HDP to CDP. However, any custom parameter configured on Ambari for Livy must be manually set on CDP using Cloudera Manager.

This step is for the custom parameters that Livy has on HDP, especially the Heap Size which is not a standalone configuration on CDP. The parameter export LIVY_SERVER_JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx2g is set on Advanced livy2-env while in Cloudera Manager it is set on livy_max_heapsize.

This table provides the location of the Ambari UI configurations. If custom properties are defined for the configurations mentioned in Column 2, then you must provide the property value in Cloudera Manager using the configuration names provided in Column 3.

Location Ambari UI configuration name Cloudera Manager configuration name
Services > Spark2 > Configs > Advanced Advanced livy2-env LIVY_service_env_safety_valve
Services > Spark2 > Configs > Advanced Custom livy2-conf livy-conf/livy.conf_role_safety_valve
Services > Spark2 > Configs > Advanced Custom livy2-client-conf livy-conf/livy-client.conf_client_config_safety_valve
To set the value for the Livy parameters, perform the following:
  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager.
  2. Select the Livy service.
  3. Select the Configurations tab.
  4. Search for the parameters mentioned above and provide the value.
  5. Click Save Changes.