Managing MPacks

You must review the information mentioned in this section before you proceed with the upgrade.

  • Not all Management Packs are compatible with the HDP intermediate bits. Cloudera Support can help you assess the feasibility of your upgrade if you have Management Packs other than HDF installed.
  • If you have both HDF and HDP managed by the same Ambari instance, you must be on HDF 3.5.2. Once you've upgraded to HDF 3.5.2 you must have Ambari 2.7.5 with HDP 3.1.5 and HDF 3.5.2. At this point, the in-place upgrade process using AM2CM will take care of both HDP and HDF at the same time to transition you to CDP cluster including the CFM parcel (which contains NiFi and NiFi Registry). You must read the HDF documentation before proceeding with the In-place upgrade of HDF to CFM on CDP. For more information, see HDF to CFM on CDP documentation.
  • If you have doubts or concerns or questions about the migration process, you must contact the Cloudera Support for further assistance to help you determine the best migration plan for your business needs.
  • The latest and supported version of AM2CM is AM2CM 2.3.0. However, this version is capable of handling only HDF → CPD upgrade path.