Post transition steps

You must prepare all the services for transition.

The services are listed under the Preparing for the transition tab. For every service there is a tag displayed. You can use the tag to identify the ansible task being executed. The actual ansible command is called in the docker container and is shown below the tag. After you click the icon, output and error log tabs appear below the ansible command, allowing you to check the output logs associated with the ansible upgrade playbook that is executed.

The scripts are modifiable within the docker container and also on the container host as they are mapped from the untarred am2cm folder. CMA UI acts as a wrapper around the scripts to simplify upgrades.

The third option is to manually transition by clicking and using the documentation. After the manual transition is complete, you must notify the CMA server by clicking to indicate that the manual transition is complete. For more information, see Post transition steps.

After CMA finishes the upgrade, you must set oozie service dependency as a post transition step. For more information, see Adding Oozie service dependencies documentation.