Register software repositories

Before you use Ambari to perform the stack upgrade, you must register the software repositories for the new target version with Ambari and then install the software on all hosts in the cluster.

  1. Log into Ambari.
  2. Browse to Cluster Admin > Stack and Versions.
  3. Click the Versions tab. You see the version currently running, marked as Current.
  4. Click Manage Versions.
  5. Proceed to register a new version by clicking Register Version.
  6. Select the software version for your cluster.Choose the HDP Version

    If your Ambari host has internet access, available maintenance versions display as options in a drop-down list.

    Make sure to use the Version Definition File (VDF) option for HDP 7.1.x.x.

    If you see the VDF option for another version, click Add Version… and upload the VDF file for HDP 7.1.x.x. In addition, a Default Version Definition is also included in the list if you do not have Internet access or are not sure which specific version to install. If you choose the Default Version Definition, you must enter a "two-digit Version Number" in the Name input field. If you have difficulties, contact Cloudera Support to obtain the VDF for HDP 7.1.x.x.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Dashboard.