Software download matrix for 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.x

All the download links related to HDP, Ambari, Cloudera Manager, CDP Private Cloud Base, and so on are available here.

Product Download location Note
Ambari Ambari 7.1.x.0
HDP HDP 7.1.x.0
Cloudera Runtime Cloudera Runtime Includes parcels for Cloudera Runtime 7.1.x and the Sqoop connectors.
AM2CM tool - This tool consists of log4j security updates. AM2CM This latest AM2CM tool supports the upgrades from:
  1. HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.7 SP2
  2. HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.8
  3. HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.7 SP1
  4. HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.7
  5. HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.6
AM2CM Legacy tools To access the AM2CM legacy tools, see AM2CM legacy tools download
Cloudera Manager Cloudera Manager