Back up and upgrade Ambari infra Solr and Ambari Log Search

The Ambari Infra Solr instance is used to index data for Atlas, Ranger, and Log Search. The version of Solr used by Ambari Infra in Ambari 2.7.5 is Solr 7. The version of Solr used by Ambari Infra in Ambari 7.1.x.x is Solr 8.4.1. When moving from Solr 7 to Solr 8.4.1 indexed data must be backed up from Solr 7, migrated, and restored into Solr 8.4.1 as there are on-disk format changes, and collection-specific schema changes.

The Ambari Infra Solr components must also be upgraded. Scripts are available to do both, and are explained below.

Back up and upgrade

This process will be broken up into four steps:

Generate Migration Config

The migration utility requires some basic information about your cluster and this step generates a configuration file that captures that information.

Back up Ambari Infra Solr Data

This process backs up all indexed data either to a node-local disk, shared disk (NFS mount), or HDFS filesystem.

Remove existing collections and Upgrade Binaries

This step removes the Solr 7 collections, upgrades Ambari Infra to Solr 8.4.1, and creates the new collections with the upgraded schema required by the HDP intermediate bits services. This step also upgrades LogSearch binaries if they are installed.

Migrate and Restore

This step migrates the backed up data to the new format required by Solr 8.4.1 and restores the data into the new collections. This step is completed after the HDP intermediate bits upgrade has been completed in the Post-upgrade Steps section of the upgrade guide