Roles and sizing considerations for Ozone

You must be aware of the hardware sizing requirements for your Ozone deployment. Further, you must understand the roles for which you need to configure different nodes.

For the Ozone hardware sizing requirements, see Ozone.

The following Ozone roles require different node requirements:
  • Six master node instances: Three each of Ozone Manager (OM) and Storage Container Manager (SCM) services. Ozone has no other dependencies for high availability because the three master nodes form a Raft ring and replicate metadata with instantaneous failover without requiring ZooKeeper or Journal Nodes, unlike in HDFS.
  • One Recon node and S3 Gateway daemons: Recon is a centralized monitoring and management service within an Ozone cluster that provides information about the metadata maintained by different Ozone components such as OM and SCM.

    S3 Gateways provide REST access to Ozone over HTTP and support the AWS-compatible S3 API. Cloudera recommends deploying a number of gateways behind a load balancer. These gateways are stateless and can also be co-hosted with DataNodes.