Moving Atlas out of migration mode

After installation, Atlas runs in migration mode and you must move Atlas out from the migration mode.

  • Atlas does not collect metadata from services running on the cluster. The metadata remains in Kafka topics and is collected later
  • Atlas starts importing metadata when it finds a final transformation file in the location you specified in output file location from the step Click Add Atlas Service.
    1. Open Cloudera Manager to the Atlas service.
    2. Go to the Configuration tab.
    3. Filter the list of properties by typing "Safety" in the filter field.
    4. Remove the migration-specific entries from the Atlas Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for conf/
      You must remove the following properties:
      • atlas.migration.mode.batch.size
      • atlas.migration.mode.workers
    5. Reset the Atlas Max Heapsize property back to the default value.
    6. Click Save Changes.
    7. Restart Atlas. Choose Action.
    8. Restart.