Collect Information for Backing Up Cloudera Manager

Information you should collect before backing up Cloudera Manager.

  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Server host.
    ssh my_cloudera_manager_server_host
  2. Collect database information by running the following command:
    cat /etc/cloudera-scm-server/
    For example:
  3. Collect information (host name, port number, database name, user name and password) for the following databases.
    • Reports Manager

    You can find the database information by using the Cloudera Manager Admin Console. Go to Clusters > Cloudera Management Service > Configuration and select the Database category. You may need to contact your database administrator to obtain the passwords.

  4. Find the host where the Service Monitor, Host Monitor and Event Server roles are running. Go to Clusters > Cloudera Manager Management Service > Instances and note which hosts are running these roles.