Migrated features and limitations

Some of the migrated features from Navigator to Atlas are described in this page. Some of the features that are not migrated are also listed.

Business metadata is migrated into Atlas, including:

  • Tags
  • Custom properties (definitions and entity assignments)
  • Managed metadata properties (definitions and entity assignments). For more information, see .
  • Original and updated entity names and descriptions

Technical metadata from the following sources are migrated into Atlas:

  • Hive
  • Impala
  • Spark
  • Referenced HDFS / S3

Features that are not migrated

  • Audits. In CDP, Ranger collects audit information for successful and failed access to objects under its control. This document includes information on how to migrate your audit information to Ranger and how to archive your existing Navigator audit information.

  • Entity Metadata. The following metadata entities in Navigator are not migrated to Atlas:
    • Unreferenced S3 and HDFS entities. Files in HDFS and S3 that are not included in lineage from Hive, Spark, or Impala entities are not migrated.
    • Metadata for Sqoop, Pig, Map-Reduce v1 and v2, Oozie, and YARN.
  • Saved Search. Available in both Navigator and Atlas but the implementation is different. The data pertaining to the saved searches are not migrated to Atlas by the nav2atlas script. The users know how to save a search in Atlas, which is similar to the Navigator saved search.
  • Policies. Navigator policies are not migrated to Atlas.
  • Configuration settings. Configuration properties determining Navigator behavior that you have set in Cloudera Manager are not migrated to the new environment. The properties that may apply in Atlas, such as authentication credentials, must be reset in the new environment.

Limitations of migrating from Navigator to Atlas

Regular expressions in Managed Properties

  • Navigator has Managed Properties which are mapped to Business Metadata in Atlas but the regular expressions added for Managed Properties are not mapped to Business Metadata.

Post upgrade deleting Business Metadata associated to Entity is not possible in Atlas

  • In Navigator, the Managed Property can be deleted when it is attached to an entity but post upgrade from CDH to CDP, it is not possible, as Atlas treats Business Metadata as a Typedef and deletion of type in Atlas requires no references to any type/entity for the type to be deleted.