Validate transitioned Solr configuration

The script includes a validate-metadata command that you can run against the migrated Solr configuration and metadata to make sure that they can be used to reinitialize the Solr service after the CDH cluster upgrade.

The script performs a series of checks to make sure that:

  • Required configuration files (such as solr.xml, clusterstate.json, and collection configuration sets) are present.
  • The configuration files are compatible with the Solr version being upgraded to (Solr 8, in this case).
Validate the configuration by running the following script:
/opt/cloudera/cm/solr-upgrade/ \
validate-metadata -c [***SOLR/METADATA/OUTPUT/DIRECTORY***]
Replace [***SOLR/METADATA/OUTPUT/DIRECTORY***] with the path to the directory containing the migrated Solr configuration.

If you have enabled Kerberos, specify your JAAS configuration file by adding --jaas [***PATH/TO/SOR/JAAS.CONF***] to the command.

For example:
/opt/cloudera/cm/solr-upgrade/ validate-metadata \
-c $HOME/cr7-migrated-solr-config

If the validation is successful, the script outputs a message similar to the following:

Validation successful for metadata in /home/solruser/[***SOLR/METADATA/OUTPUT/DIRECTORY***]
For example,
Validation successful for metadata in 

If the validation fails, you can revisit the steps in Transition the configuration.