Make Tables SparkSQL Compatible

Non-Acid, managed tables in ORC or in a Hive Native (but non-ORC) format that are owned by the POSIX user hive will not be SparkSQL-compatible after the upgrade unless you perform manual conversions.

If your table is a managed, non-ACID table, you can convert it to an external table using this procedure (recommended). After the upgrade, you can easily convert the external table to an ACID table, and then use the Hive Warehouse Connector to access the ACID table from Spark.
Take one of the following actions.
  • Convert the tables to external Hive tables before the upgrade.

    ALTER TABLE ... SET TBLPROPERTIES('EXTERNAL'='TRUE','external.table.purge'='true')

  • Change the POSIX ownership to an owner other than hive.

    You will need to convert managed, ACID v1 tables to external tables after the upgrade.