Support for SQL:2016 datetime formats (text, FM, FX)

This change enables Hive to parse the SQL:2016 datetime formats (text, FM, and FX) when a combination or subset of these formats or any of the previously implemented formats are provided in a string.

Before upgrade to CDP

Support was available for a limited set of SQL:2016 datetime formats introduced as part of HIVE-21576.

After upgrade to CDP

CDP 7.1.6 includes support for additional datetime format patterns as recommended by the ISO and ANSI SQL:2016 standard for SQL database query language. The list of datetime formats added as part of this change are as follows:

  • Nested strings (Text)
  • Fill mode modifier (FM)
  • Format exact modifier (FX)

For more information about these patterns, see CAST...FORMAT with SQL:2016 datetime formats.

For more information about the change, see HIVE-21578.

Action required

None. There is no configuration or feature flag introduced by this change to start using the new SQL standard formats. Legacy functions, such as to_timestamp() and from_timestamp() will continue to follow the SimpleDateFormat patterns and CAST (...FORMAT...) will use the SQL:2016 patterns.