Moving Impala compute workloads from CDP Base after an in-place upgrade

To migrate Impala from CDH to CDP Private Cloud with CDW Data Services (CDW PvC 1.3.1), you must have completed an in-place upgrade from CDH to CDP Private Cloud Base. After an in-place upgrade from CDH to CDP Private Cloud Base, you must move your Impala compute workloads from CDP Private Cloud Base cluster to CDW PvC 1.3.1 to experience the latest, updated, managed elastic Impala. This move to the latest Impala reduces the administrative overhead.

To meet your varying workload demands, CDW PvC 1.3.1 has the ability to scale up and scale down to free up resources for other workloads. Moving your compute workloads from CDP to CDW PvC 1.3.1 also has the following advantages.

  • better isolation between workloads to prevent interference and maintain SLAs

  • ability to scale out the Impala compute layer independently from the storage layer

  • an integrated platform for data and analytics workloads

  • ability to run different versions of Impala for different types of workloads (For example, operational reporting can remain locked on a given version, while data science users can always upgrade to the latest versions)

  • simplified management of Impala clusters, by not having to focus as much on low level configurations such as admission control