Step 1: Getting Started with Operating System Upgrades


  • Ensure that the versions of Cloudera Manager and CDH or Cloudera Runtime support your new operating system.

    If you are using unsupported versions, see Upgrade Cloudera Manager or Upgrading a Cluster.

  • Ensure that the host has access to the Cloudera Manager server, daemon and agent packages that are supported for the new operating system, either by having access to or a local package repository.
  • Ensure that the Cloudera Manager server has access to the parcels that are using supported for the new Operating System, either by having access to or a local parcel repository.
  • If you have a patched package or parcel installed, make sure you have the same package or parcel for the new Operating System and it has been made available to Cloudera Manager.
  • Understand that performing a major release upgrade for the operating system in-place may be quite tricky and risky.