Upgrading a Cloudera Runtime Cluster

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator) This feature is not available when using Cloudera Manager to manage Data Hub clusters.

This topic describes how to upgrade a CDH or Cloudera Runtime cluster in any of the following scenarios:
  • From Cloudera Runtime to a higher version of Cloudera Runtime.
  • Upgrade Cloudera Runtime to maintenance releases.

When you upgrade a cluster, you use Cloudera Manager to upgrade the cluster software across an entire cluster using Cloudera Parcels. Package-based installations are not supported for Cloudera Runtime and CDP Private Cloud Base upgrades. You must transition your CDH clusters to use Parcels before upgrading to CDP Private Cloud Base. See Migrating from Packages to Parcels.

Cluster upgrades update the Hadoop software and other components. You can use Cloudera Manager to upgrade a cluster for major, minor, and maintenance upgrades. The procedures vary depending on the version of Cloudera Manager you are using, the version of the cluster you are upgrading, and the version of Cloudera Runtime you are upgrading to.

After completing preparatory steps, you use the Cloudera Manager upgrade wizard to complete the upgrade. Cloudera Manager will restart all services after the upgrade. Services that support rolling restart will be restarted in a rolling fashion that does not require you to take the services offline during the upgrade. All other services will be restarted normally. The following services support rolling restart:Note that Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas do not support rolling restart.