Step 7: Run the Upgrade Cluster Wizard

The Upgrade Wizard manages the upgrade of your Cloudera Runtime software. The Upgrade Wizard is not used for upgrades to Service Packs or Hotfixes.

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Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator) This feature is not available when using Cloudera Manager to manage Data Hub clusters.

  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Ensure that you have completed the steps to add the Parcel URL in Cloudera Manager. See Step 5: Access Parcels.
  3. Ensure that all services in the cluster that are being upgraded are running and in good health.
  4. Click the Actions menu and select Upgrade Cluster.

    The Getting Started screen of the Upgrade Wizard displays.

  5. Click the Upgrade to Version: drop-down and select the version of Cloudera Runtime for your upgrade.

    The wizard now runs several checks to make sure that your cluster is ready for upgrade. You must resolve any reported issues before continuing.

  6. The Install Services section displays any additional services that you need to install to upgrade your cluster.

    If you are upgrading a cluster that has the Hive service, you will be prompted to add the Tez, Zookeeper, Hive on Tez, and YARN QueueManager services.
  7. The Inspector Checks section displays sever inspectors you must run before continuing. If these inspectors report errors, you must resolve those before continuing.
    • Click the Show Inspector Results button to see details of the inspection.
    • Click the Run Again button to verify that you have resolved the issue.
    • If you are confident that the errors are not critical, select Skip this step. I understand the risks..
    The Inspector Checks section includes the following inspectors:
    • Host Inspector
    • Service Inspector

    Run these inspectors and correct any reported errors before continuing.

  8. The Database Backup section asks you to verify that you have completed the necessary backups. Select Yes, I have performed these steps.
  9. Click Continue. (The Continue button remains greyed out until all upgrades steps are complete and all warnings have been acknowledged.)
  10. Click Continue again to shut down the cluster and begin the upgrade.

    The Upgrade Cluster Command screen opens and displays the progress of the upgrade.

  11. When the Upgrade steps are complete, click Continue.

    The Summary page opens and displays any additional steps you need to complete the upgrade.

  12. Click Continue.