Creating snapshot policies in Replication Manager

You can create HDFS, HBase, and Ozone snapshot policies in CDP Private Cloud Base Replication Manager.

HBase and Ozone snapshots are enabled by default on the tables and buckets respectively. Ensure that you have enabled snapshots for the required HDFS directories in Cloudera Manager before you create HDFS snapshot policies.
  1. Go to the Cloudera Manager > Replication > Snapshot Policies page.
  2. In the Create Snapshot Policy modal window, enter the following generic options that are common for HBase, HDFS, and Ozone snapshot policies:
    Option Descript
    Service Choose HDFS, HBase, or Ozone depending on your requirements.
    Name Enter a name for the snapshot policy.

    Ensure that the snapshot policy name neither contains the characters % . ; / \ nor any character that is not ASCII printable, which includes the ASCII characters less than 32 and the ASCII characters that are greater than or equal to 127.

    Description Optional. Enter a brief description about the snapshot policy.
    Schedule Choose one or all the following frequency options and then specify the other granularity details to take snapshots depending on your requirements:
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly

    You can schedule snapshots hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or any combination of those. Depending on the frequency you select, you can specify the time of day to take the snapshot, the day of the week, day of the month, or month of the year, and the number of snapshots to keep at each interval.

    Each time unit in the schedule information is shared with the time units of larger granularity. That is, the minute value is shared by all the selected schedules, hour by all the schedules for which hour is applicable, and so on. For example, if you specify that hourly snapshots are taken at the half hour, and daily snapshots taken at the hour 20, the daily snapshot will occur at 20:30.

    Alerts Choose one of the following snapshot policy state changes to generate alerts during snapshot creation:
    • On failure

    • On start

    • On success

    • On abort

  3. When you choose the HDFS Service, you must specify the HDFS directories to include in the snapshot.
  4. When you choose the HBase Service, you must list the tables to include in your snapshot.
    You can use a Java regular expression to specify a set of tables. For example, finance.* matches all tables with names starting with finance. You can also create a snapshot for all tables in a given namespace, using the {[***namespace***]}:.* syntax.
  5. When you choose the Ozone Service, you must specify the list of buckets and volumes to include in your snapshot.
  6. Click Save Policy.
The snapshot policy appears on the Snapshot Policies page.