Setting up quick links for the DAS UI

To use the DAS UI quick link from Ambari in case of Knox proxy clusters, you (the admin user) need to paste the following quicklink.json file in the Ambari server machine.

  1. Create the quicklink.json file as per the following template:
      "name": "default",
      "description": "default quick links configuration",
      "configuration": {
          "type": "HTTPS_ONLY"
        "links": [
            "name": "data_analytics_studio_ui",
            "label": "Data Analytics Studio UI",
            "requires_user_name": "false",
            "component_name": "KNOX_GATEWAY",
            "url": "%@://%@:%@/gateway/<das_ui_topology_name>/das/",
            "port": {
              "https_property": "gateway.port",
              "https_default_port": "8443",
              "regex": "^(\\d+)$",
              "site": "gateway-site"
    Replace the das_ui_topology_name with the actual DAS UI topology.
  2. Change to the following directory:
    Replace the <VERSION> with the version of the DAS distribution that you have installed.
  3. Replace the existing quicklink.json file with the file that you created in step 1.
    Verify that you have correctly replaced the quicklink.json file.
  4. Restart Ambari by using the following command:
    ambari-server restart