Unsetting Kafka Protocol version

You must unset the Kafka protocol version from Cloudera Manager after the upgrade is complete. This allows you to use the updated Kafka version using Cloudera Manager.

On the HDP cluster, using Ambari, you have set the Kafka protocol versions to the older Kafka version to make sure that all the messages are stored in a manner that Kafka can handle. After upgrading to the CDP cluster, the messages are still stored according to the older version of Kafka. This gives you the ability to roll it back if something goes wrong.

After the Kafka Protocol version properties are unset using Cloudera Manager, Kafka will use its current version (the new and updated Kafka version) and newly stored messages will not be handled by the older Kafka version.
To unset the Kafka Protocol version on Cloudera Manager, perform the following steps:
  1. Remove the following properties from the Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) configuration property:
    • Inter.broker.protocol.version
    • log.message.format.version
  2. Save your changes.
  3. Perform a rolling restart:
    • Select the Kafka service.
    • Click Actions > Rolling Restart.
    • In the pop-up dialog box, select the options you want and click Rolling Restart.
    • Click Close after the command has finished.