DAS does not log me out as expected, or I stay logged in longer than the time specified in the Ambari configuration

The login session timeout factor in DAS is governed by the following two properties:

  • Session timeout in seconds (data_analytics_studio_session_timeout) under Ambari > Data Analytics Studio > CONFIGS > Advanced data_analytics_studio-webapp-properties
  • knoxsso.token.ttl under Ambari > Knox > CONFIG > Advanced knoxsso-topology

The data_analytics_studio_session_timeout property is a DAS-specific configuration which is used to define the time period for which you want DAS to keep you logged in. This, particularly, comes in handy when you have a long running query. If a user is running a query which runs for a long time, say more than 24 hours, and if the user gets logged out before the query execution finishes, the user may lose the query results. To prevent this issue, you (the DAS admin) must configure the time period in the Session timeout in seconds field accordingly. By default, DAS does not log you out for 24 hours or 86400 seconds after you log in.

The knoxsso.token.ttl property is cluster-wide configuration which applies to all the services in the cluster that use Knox SSO. The logout time is given in milliseconds.

If the user is actively accessing DAS, then he will not be logged out. However, if the user is inactive, then the session timeout is equal to the value specified in either the Session timeout in seconds field in Ambari or in the knoxsso.token.ttl property - whichever is higher.

For example, if you have set 5 minutes in the knoxsso.token.ttl property and 86400 seconds (24 hours) in the Session timeout in seconds field, then the user will remain logged into DAS for 24 hours, or until the user is actively using DAS.