Using the CDSW to CML migration tool

A step-by-step procedure covers how to migrate Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) 1.10.0 and later on premises to Cloudera Machine Language (CML). You use the UI-driven migration tool to migrate your workload automatically from your deployed CDSW, which you installed on the same cluster as CML.

In this task, you automatically migrate CDSW 1.10.0 or later cluster to CML in Cloudera Private Cloud 1.5.0 or later. You can expect some downtime, which is proportional to the volume the workloads you have to migrate.

Meet prerequisites as described in the previous topic before starting migration.
  1. Log into CDP Private Cloud 1.5.0, and navigate to Cloudera Machine Learning > Workspaces.
    The system detects the presence of your legacy CDSW installation.
  2. Click Upgrade.
  3. Click File Upload > Choose File, go to /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf on the CDSW cluster host, and select the Kubeconfig file.
  4. If you cannot access /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf from the UI as instructed in the previous step, download the file from your CDSW cluster to your local machine, and then try to select the Kubeconfig file from the UI again.
  5. In Migration timeout, accept the default 1440 minutes (24 hours) timeout, or if your CDSW workload is hundreds of gigabytes, increase the migration time up to 2880 minutes (2 days).
    Increasing the migration timeout value does not cause a delay in the migration of a small workload.
  6. In Workspace Name, type an arbitrary name.
  7. In Select Environment, select your CDP environment.
  8. Accept default values for other options, and click Provision Workspace.
    CML installation begins, and the CDSW to CML migration follows automatically. Status indicators show the progress of the installation and migration. During the migration, you cannot access the CDSW cluster. The migration process stops CDSW pods to prevent data corruption. After migration, the CDSW returns to a working state. The CML workspace is stopped.