Warnings and prerequisites

Preparing HDP Search for a CDP Private Cloud Base upgrade is a complex task.


  • Obtain the solr-download-metadata.sh script by creating a support ticket at the support site.
  • Provision an interim Cloudera Runtime 7 cluster with a Solr service before you start the upgrade process. You need it to perform some of the upgrade transformation steps and you can also use it for upgrade testing.
  • Stop making changes to your HDP Search environment. Make sure that no configuration changes are made to HDP Search for the duration of the transition and upgrade. This includes adding or removing Solr Server hosts, moving Solr Server roles between hosts, changing hostnames, and so on.
  • Plan for an outage for any applications or services that use your Search deployment until you have completed reindexing after the upgrade.
  • If you use Kerberos, create a jaas.conf file for the Search service superuser (solr by default).
  • Do not create, delete, or modify any collections for the duration of the transition and upgrade.
  • Make a backup of your HDP Search deployment.