Ranger Installation in High Availability with Load Balancer

For clusters that have multiple users and production availability requirements, you may want to configure Ranger high availability (HA) with a load-balancing proxy server to relay requests to and from Ranger.

If Ranger Admin High Availability is not configured in Ranger, then you must configure it. For more information, see Configure Ranger Admin High Availability with a Load Balancer.
  1. Update the Ranger Load Balancer Address property (ranger.externalurl) with the load balancer host URL and port
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. In kerberos cluster, create a composite keytab file having HTTP principals of both Ranger Admin instances and Load balancer. For more information, see Create composite keytab for Ranger HA
  4. Update the configurations using Safety Valve for ranger-admin-site.xml
    • ranger.spnego.kerberos.keytab=/etc/security/keytabs/ranger.ha.keytab
    • ranger.spnego.kerberos.principal=*
  5. Click Save
  6. Restart the Ranger service