Migration paths for Hive users

If you are on HDP and executing Hive workloads in Hive LLAP mode and want to upgrade to CDP, you can follow the migration path that matches your use case.

Using LLAP is recommended for running complex ETL jobs that are unpredictable. LLAP is offered as part of Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) and is not available in CDP Public Cloud (Data Hub) and CDP Private Cloud Base. Using Hive on Tez (no LLAP) is recommended for running jobs that are scheduled and predictable. Hive on Tez is supported on CDP Public Cloud and CDP Private Cloud Base.

The following migration paths are recommended based on how predictable your jobs are and your workload type:
  • Migrate to CDP Public Cloud (Data Hub) or CDP Private Cloud Base — If your jobs are scheduled and predictable.
  • Migrate to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) — If your jobs are unpredictable and if they could increase demand on compute resources.

The following diagram shows these recommended paths:

Migration paths from HDP 3 to CDP for LLAP Hive users