After transitioning your cluster from HDP 3.1.5.x to CDP Private Cloud Base, you must take a backup of Solr in CDP Private Cloud Base.

Execute the following commands on the hosts where Solr is installed.

mv /etc/alternatives/solr-conf /etc/alternatives/solr-confhdp
mv /etc/alternatives/hue-conf /etc/alternatives/hue-confhdp
mv /etc/alternatives/hbase-solr-conf /etc/alternatives/hbase-solr-confhdp 
mv /var/lib/alternatives/solr-conf /var/lib/alternatives/solr-confhdp

On the Cloudera Manager UI:

  1. Initialize Solr
  2. Create Ranger Plug-in audit directory
  3. Create HDFS Home directory
  4. Start Solr service