Migrating Oozie configurations to CDP

After you migrate the Oozie data to CDP, you must first configure Oozie, and then migrate custom ShareLib JARs to your new cluster.

You must configure Oozie to work with different CDP services including Sqoop actions, Yarn jobs, and HDFS HA. For information on configuring these services, see Configure Oozie.

After you configure Oozie, you must migrate the custom ShareLib JARs to the new cluster. Only the custom JARs and not the service and library JARs as those JARs are used by the components, will be present in Oozie’s sharelib.

While upgrading from CDH and HDP, there might have been major third-party library version upgrades. If you have any custom JARs which include third-party libraries, then you have to rebuild those after you sync their versions with the library versions used in CDP. Otherwise, this can lead to runtime binary incompatibility.

If you are upgrading from a stack where the components used Guava version 11 to a CDP version which uses Guava version 28, then you also need to update your custom application JAR to use Guava version 28.