Applying custom Kudu configuration

If you applied any custom Kudu configurations in your CDH clusters, then you manually have to apply those configurations in your target CDP cluster.

If you have changed the value of tablet_history_max_age_sec and you plan to run incremental backups of Kudu on the target cluster, we recommend resetting tablet_history_max_age_sec to the default value of 1 week (see

Examples of commonly modified configuration flags:
  • rpc_max_message_size
  • tablet_transaction_memory
  • rpc_service_queue_length
  • raft_heartbeat_interval
  • heartbeat_interval_ms
  • memory_limit_hard_bytes
  • block_cache_capacity_mb

Once you manually applied custom configurations, restart the Kudu cluster.

For more information about Kudu configuration, see Configuring Apache Kudu.