Migrating Cloudera Navigator to Atlas while upgrading Cloudera Manager 7 with CDH 6

Learn about migrating Navigator to Atlas while upgrading your CDH 6 clusters with Cloudera Manager 7 to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9 version. You must perform the migration process before you upgrade to Cloudera Manager 7.11.3 Latest cumulative hotfix.

As a pre-upgrade step, you must first complete the transition of Navigator data using the customized scripts

Transitioning Navigator data using customized scripts

You can run the customized scripts generated by the Cloudera Manager wizard to configure the Apache Atlas installation and start the Navigator-to-Atlas data migration process when you step into the CDP upgrade wizard. You can also run the migration scripts independently from the CDP upgrade.

The transition has three phases: extraction, transformation, and import. If you have not already, you must estimate the time and resource requirements for the migration steps.