Migrating to Operational Database powered by Apache Accumulo

Follow these steps to migrate the Accumulo service's configuration and data to Operational Database powered by Apache Accumulo (OpDB).

Cloudera does not support in-place upgrade because OpDB is handled as a different service from Accumulo, so the configuration changes would be lost on upgrade. You can use these migration steps to migrate from Apache Accumulo 1.x to OpDB.

In-place data upgrade is supported from CDH 6 to OpDB. That is because CDH 6 is shipped with Accumulo 1.9.2 which uses a data version compatible with OpDB. However, that is only an in-place data upgrade instead of in-place upgrade, meaning that the configuration changes are getting lost during the upgrade. If you do not want to lose your custom settings, use the migration steps instead of the in-place data upgrade. For more information about in-place data upgrade, see In-place data upgrade from CDH 6 to Operational Database powered by Apache Accumulo.

  1. Migrate Accumulo configuration.
    1. Export the service configuration on the source cluster.
      The way you can export the configuration depends on your environment. For more information, see the applicable documentation:
    2. Manually add the configuration to the destination cluster.
  2. Migrate Accumulo data.
    1. Export each table on the source cluster.
    2. Collect the exported table data for transfer.
    3. Move the collected data into the HDFS storage on the destination cluster.
    4. Install and configure the Accumulo on CDP service on the destination cluster.
    5. Import each table into the destination cluster.