In-place data upgrade from Accumulo 1.9.2 in CDH 6 to Accumulo 1.10

Every currently supported Accumulo version (1.7+) has a data version compatible with Accumulo 1.10 so an in-place data upgrade is supported from all of them.

Only an in-place data upgrade is supported to CDP, which is not an in-place upgrade. That means that the configuration changes are getting lost during the upgrade. If you do not want to lose your custom settings, use the migration steps instead of the in-place data upgrade. For more information about how to migrate to Accumulo on CDP, see Migrating Accumulo.

  1. Migrate Accumulo configuration.
    As OpDB is handled as a different service from Accumulo, you have to migrate the configuration of Accumulo manually. For more information, see Migrating Accumulo.
  2. Remove the Accumulo service.
    There is no automatic service upgrade for Accumulo, so during the in-place cluster upgrade process, it is removed if it still presents on the cluster at the time of the upgrade. Cloudera recommends removing the Accumulo service manually before starting the cluster upgrade.
    • In Cloudera Manager, stop the Accumulo service.
    • Delete the Accumulo service.

      The deleting process affects only configurations, it does not affect the data files or Zookeeper nodes.

  3. Upgrade the cluster.
    For more information, see Upgrading CDH 6 to CDP Private Cloud Base.
  4. Install the new OpDB service.

    For more information, see Install Accumulo 1.10.

    When performing the installation, ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:
    • Assign each role to the same node it was running on before the upgrade.
    • Use the same installation settings configurations the previous Accumulo service was using.
    • Clear Initialize Accumulo.
    • Clear Enable Kerberos Authentication. The main purpose of this function is to make a kerberized setup easier for a new service install. The changes it entails could clash with the previous Accumulo service configuration.
  5. Re-apply the previous Accumulo configurations.