Run the transformation for CDH 6 with Cloudera Manager 7

You can run the transformation as soon as the CDP upgrade process is completed. To customize and run the transformation command. You can customize and run the transformation command.

  1. Go back to the editor where you saved the transformation commands, from copy the transformation command text from the step "Click Add Atlas Service."
    $ ssh
    $ export JAVA_HOME=…
    $/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-7.1.9-1.cdh7.1.9.p0.xxxxxxxx/lib/atlas/tools/ -f tmp/nav2atlas/’ -o ‘/tmp/nav2atlas/’ clusterName ‘Cluster 1’
  2. If needed, open a terminal window or command prompt where you have access to the cluster.
  3. If needed, SSH into the Atlas host.
  4. If needed, make sure the JAVA_HOME variable is set; if it isn't, run the export command pointing to the location of the JDK.
  5. Run the transformation command.
    When the transformation is complete, you'll see a status message in the command output.
Run the import operation.